i don't know why :c

Ya Allah aku tk tahu knapa :c knapa aku sdih sgt ble dy buad aku cenggitu. even bnda tuu nmpak mcm kcik tpi tpi hmm :/ why dy buad aku mcm gini ? klau demam pun tk boleh kee nk bgtahu aku dlu ? yee aku tahu aku nie tk penting kt mta kau but pls lah don't treat me like i didn't exist :'c aku ad perasaan yg kau prlu jaga. setiap msa aku daa cuba jga perasaan kau tpi kau ? ad usaha nk jga perasaan aku ? tkde k tkde. kau slalu buad aku rsa yg aku nie mmg tk pnting kt mata kau. kdng aku rsa mcm give up dgn smua nie :c tpi aku kuatkn hati aku demi relay nie. but it seems like aku sorg jee yg cuba prtahankn relay nie. kau mcm tkde usaha lngsong. aku slalu bgi kau space if kau nk buad apa apa kn ? tkkn kau tk prnah nmpak yg aku nie cuba faham kau ? aku cuba jaga hati kau. mmg, mmg prempuan slalu letak harapan tinggi kt lelaki tpi tuu sbb ap ? sbb dy sayang kt org tuu and so do i :c 

sayang, tkde guna mntak maaf brkali kali if kite ttap buad bnda yg sma. sorry doesn't mean a thing if you keep doing it all over again :/ haihhh enough k :'c i'm tired.. seriously, only God knows how it's killing me inside baby.. you're not the one i used to know, you're different. just be the old one and come back to me pls :'c

Thank You SUNSHINE :'>

it's a choice baby, it's a choice...

was it that easy ? leaving someone who always there when you need her. she always stand besides you. doesn't know what mean of hard, tired, broken hearted. was it that easy ? she just want you to be a little care to her. just a little, she's not asking for much, she's not asking that much. she's always trying to be better at your eyes. she just want to be the best, but you never see her. you never see her effort to make you stay besides her. all you just see was her mistakes, her messy things, her bad atiitude but behind all that, there's one thing that she always do to convince you that she's the one, yeahh she's the one... 
sometimes she feels sad about everything all at once. you nver know it. don't you ? she always feel bad to see that you're doing completely okay, without her. you're the one who broke her heart, you're the one who made her cry, yet she is still in love with you and she don't know why.. she just wished that she nver met you.  for once, just take a look at her eyes and realize how much she hurting on the inside. she always ask herself, "why our time nver match ?" yeahh, it's true. we start to get hurt when the moment we begin to care. she just wish that one day, you could stand in her shoes and feel the same way she felt..

now please tell her, where was her fault in loving you with all her heart ?

Thank You SUNSHINE :'>